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If you have read my other profile, you already know that I love to take photographs of interesting 'subjects.' But not just any subjects. As much as I love and adore men, I am fascinated with the experience of photographing beautiful women.

My work enables me to come into contact with a lot of beautiful women, and many of them have never considered modeling before. But occasionally, I come across women who just plain do it for me. The ones I approach with the ultimate Rita G. charm, and ask them to allow me the pleasure to photograph them artistically, the way that I see them. You’ve seen me before on TV, right? Could YOU refuse me? :) I didn’t think so, and they don’t either. They also do not disappoint! Actually, I get into my work so much that it is sometimes difficult to keep my hands off them, which I sometimes don’t!

This led me to launch the RITA G MODEL NETWORK (RGMN). All girls included in the RGMN have not only my stamp of approval, but I "discovered" them, photograph them, and advise them on their up-and-coming modeling careers. My first model, Eden Evans, is pictured to the right. Her new website is www.edenevans.com. Members see it all!

Are you next?

Interested in modeling for and/or with Rita G? Contact Us!



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