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Hip Hop superstar. Here’s his unsolicited quote from his Playboy interview: “...I don't think Playboy has enough ass. But the best girl you had in the past three years has to be Rita G... She’s got an ass even white people like.”




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News & Updates

7/14/14 - Summer Cleaning

I've been working to update and freshen this site. It does take time, but you will be seeing subtle changes. Anything you want to see added? LMK, I love hearing from everyone.  G 


6/30/14 - Futbol Fever

This World Cup is nuts! Even Texas has the fever! 


4/5/14 - Spring!

I know a lot of my friends back on the east coast are excited Spring is here, though I hear it's still a bit cool there. Hang in, baseball season is underway so warm weather is just around the corner!

And thanks to everyone who has been reaching out to me through the member site and Twitter. I still need more aspiring models, so hit us up! Peace! RG 


2/20/14 - Talk to Me!

Members!!! I've added a mail link on the member main page, because I know some of you have been dying to ask me something. Ok maybe not dying LOL but here's your chance anyway. I'll answer as many as I can personally. This is for members only so make sure you message me from the same address you signed up with or you might get filtered out. 


2/5/14 - New Gallery!

It's been a while since I posted a new gallery. This one is previewed at the right, and contains unreleased pics from one of my fave shoots from the last year or so. These just happen to be the hottest of the bunch, so I hope you all like them as much as I do ;) 

Remember this is just 1 of about 300 galleries and videos active on the site. 

And aspiring models... WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!


10/23/13 - My Sex Crap Site!

Please show some love for my old site, www.e-crap.com. That is the site where I wrote a Sex Crap column which led to my Playboy column. They have a couple of great new blogs, including 'Kramer Invented Twerking' which has been in the news. Check it out, 'like' them on Facebook, and tell them Rita sent you! 


9/10/13 - Aspiring Models?

I've been asked a couple times over the past week if me and my team are still interested in evaluating aspiring models to appear on this site and in other projects. YES!!!!! We want to help discover the next model sensation! We've worked with a few already, and they landed additional opportunities. Reach out to us via the CONTACT tab above, and we'll talk. 


7/24/13 - Are You Photogenic?

Not to toot my own horn (so to speak) but I am very excited how my photography has been taking off. I am being recognized by media and the modeling community, and that makes it extra special - when your peers recognize your talents and innovations! Which makes me wonder why I'm not shooting you? Or your girlfriend? Or a gal you know who should be a model? Adult model or non! This site, FHM, or Vogue! Reach me here, or my photography site!


7/8/13 - More Craziness

Hey, sorry if anyone tried signing up for my site with Mastercard and got an error. It's all fixed, so please try again. Mastercard started charging a lot more to allow my members to sign up, since "adult" sites are so risky. F them. So we tried negotiating but ultimately gave in and we are fine. We were never down, just signups through Mastercard. Another reason why this site needs your support - we're not the big guys, we're me! And I'll always keep it that way so I can relate to my members and friends. Heck, I even had a "Win a Date with Rita G" contest a few years ago. It was wild! I'm game to new ideas so tweet me or e-mail the site and let us know! Meantime, happy to be back! ;)


5/27/13 - Arrested!

No, not me! LOL "Arrested Development!" I cannot believe how many of my friends spent much of the Memorial Day weekend watching all the new episodes on Netflix. I expected to hear this one friend say she spent three days in the sun, but no. I haven't checked them out yet. Tweet at me, and hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! Kisses and Hugs - The "G"


5/5/13 - Over 30 Million Views!

I just checked Kanye's "Flashing Lights" video starring yours truly... didn't realize it has now been viewed over 30 million times! Making that video was as crazy as the concept! I need to write about that sometime. Remind me! ;)


4/13/13 - Bring in the old(er)?

Finally had a down minute from photography, and came across some seldom seen stuff that I may have only posted on the site for a very short time - some of it years ago. I'm going to go through them this week and post some of them. Hope you like the blast from the mostly pretty recent past! And shout out to Kobe - always sad when someone who works so hard to be the best runs into bad fortune. Hopefully he'll be back.

Keep Tweeting! <3<3


3/17/13 - Happy St. Patty's Day

Gotta love a holiday that promotes GREEN like I do constantly, not to mention a special day for all my Irish friends (and my friends that become Irish for one day!) Admittedly, there is nothing green about the new featured video, really not even close in color as you will see. But I think it might be just the cure after your long day at a parade, bar, or wherever you decided to celebrate the day!


2/22/13 - Basketball or Hip-Hop Week?

Oh, I still love all you guys (LeBron, Chris, etc) but Houston turned into a three-ring circus! Geez, what happened to basketball? Instead, it was more a hip-hop all star week! Amazing how many celebs I ran into, and none of them were basketball players! Hah! Please keep tweeting me! It's probably the best way i keep in touch these days. And please take my tweets seriously. I want every one of my friends healthy! TRUST ME!!!  Much <3


2/3/13 - Go Ravens!

Or 49ers! ;) 

Sorry I haven't written in a while, but those of you who follow me on Twitter know I am busier than ever. All good! But I will try to stop back for unique thoughts more often. Enjoy the game, spend it with loved ones, and don't call out sick to work tomorrow! <3


2/3/13 - DVD Shipping

For those that have asked, we still have a small inventory of DVD's available, but we are holding off shipping internationally for now. Just have had a few orders recently not make their way to the orderers, and it becomes a huge hassle. Hopefully we'll resume international shipping soon. Thanks for understanding!


12/25/12 - Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate today! A new year is around the corner, and that's a great time to tackle new things. I'm glad many of you are reading my "green" posts, so please keep tweeting me! Luv, R


12/7/12 - I Need You All Healthy!

I truly worry about ALL of my friends, and if you are reading this or a member of the site, I think about you often so I hope you don't mind if I occasionally preach. It is SO important to eat right. I am a vegan, but you don't have to be to eat right! OMG I read the other day that some hospitals might be opening McDonald's inside them? That's like a health food store selling pork rinds! Please just start THINKING about it. Start with my "green" site - www.ritagoesgreen.com. I won't bite, I promise ;)


10/29/12 - More Sandy... and VOTE!!!!!

I am so thankful to be finally be hearing from some of my friends and members in the NYC area. I was truly worried after seeing how hard the area was hit. I'm told much of the Jersey Shore is gone, and NYC is still fighting back after 8 days! So many people I know still without power, or heat! Please keep the notes coming and be safe above all else!

And if nothing else, this storm accentuates our Presidential election today. The two candidates provide stark differences in the way the country would be run. Absolutely stark. It's really up to you to decide which way you think is best, and I would never try to persuade anyone. But please make your voice heard and vote!


10/29/12 - Sandy Means Business!

Wow, I have been watching some videos and photos of Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast and all I can say for my many friends in the NYC area is please be safe! I wish I could give every one of you a big hug for support, but my thoughts and prayers are with every one of you and your families. I will keep sending every positive thought and vibe that I can muster your way. I love you all, and I hope you can feel my big hug right now!


10/21/12 - Politics :(

I am so glad tomorrow night is the final Presidential debate, and also so glad this horrible election season is almost over. I'm not going to get all political like some of my counterparts, but if anyone really thinks either major party is going to do right (or even better) for all of the average citizens, well... they're not. Vote, because it is your right, but please temper expectations whomever you vote for. And as for the debate, here's an idea... turn it off, turn on your PC, or iPad, or even your iPhone 5 and check out some of the hot new vids on my site. Much much MUCH better than the foreign policy debate! And much more worthy of your valuable time! ;)


9/15/12 - Interesting...

You know, I update my site regularly with photos and videos, and stuff like that, but it seems the majority of the messaging I get these days are more about other things - my photography business, advice, my thoughts on things... It's interesting. I used to do a Sex advise type column for Playboy, and same for E-Crap.com, and haven't done any of that for a while. Maybe i need to think about posting some of my old columns, or writing new ones? Or, updating some of the older ones. LMK what you all think. Might make an interesting addition to the site, if members ever get tired of the 13,000 photos and videos posted! ;)


8/23/12 - Gotta Love E-Mail

So we finally got some photos of a gal we wanted to feature on this site, but when we e-mailed her back her mailbox was full! I *think* she was using an office computer, which might not have been the smartest thing to do! If you read this, please contact us again - we like what you sent! ;)

Meantime, keep visiting the member site for new content because you never know what you might find. Even some older stuff that was "lost." R


8/4/12 - Heat

August already, and a hot summer. Literally and figuratively! ;) I hope members are enjoying the content and new stuff, and that everyone is enjoying the summer. I've even caught myself watching some Olympics when I am out with friends, between photography shoots and looking for new models to feature here. Where are you, ladies?


7/19/12 - Roller Coaster

So Houston has Linsanity after all! The city is pretty stoked! So while you are stoking (grin) check out some of the new stuff in the Members section, and the new vid. Maybe they'll keep you stoking for a while ;)


7/13/12 - Where is the Next Rita G?

I'm still looking for aspiring adult models. Truly an opportunity that won't happen again, so come on! Reach out.

And it looks Linsanity is not happening in Houston, but maybe Dwight Howard?


7/10/12 - Linsanity?

How cool is this? Linsanity might be coming to Houston! :) I'm deciding on some new featured galleries and videos this week. Also, GALS!!!!! Where are you? Aspiring models are still not presenting themselves! Shoot us some pics and a message, and the world will know you TOMORROW!


6/25/12 - Peeps

Two things - first a shout out to all my peeps who survived a couple of 100 degree days in one of my fave cities, NYC! Second, someone messaged me about content, as it blew the person away when they saw how much content was on the member site. I try to mention everything going on here, but I forget. Or move on to something else. The only way to see (or know) everything is to go there. There's a lot. I promise! ;)


6/19/12 - Summer Cleaning

I need to make some room. I still have over 12,000 pics of me on the site for members. That's a lot of Rita! Plus nearly 50 videos. If you ever want to see all 12,000+ again, join now. Pretty soon I'm going to be removing some of them to make room for new stuff. That is something that excites me! BTW, you'll find a new vid. How many out there are rooting for the Heat?


6/4/12 - June Already

Talk about a year flying by? Wow. I just posted a vid I did a couple years ago that was only shown on this site for a very short time previously.  Hope you like! Go Spurs!


5/13/12 - Almost There

I think I have conquered the last issues preventing the new galleries of moi from being released. Like I said below I do most of the work myself because I want to keep this my site. Another new vid has been posted, and don't forget to check out Mr. Howard Stern on AGT tomorrow night!  


4/27/12 - New RG Galleries Coming Soon

These are never-before-seen galleries of yours truly. Sorry they are taking longer to prepare but I do a lot of the preparation myself. You are not supporting some huge web conglomerate when you join my site - you are supporting me! Other than the physical load to a web server, this site is, and has always been, me. So occasionally it takes a little longer for these newer galleries. Meantime, I uploaded part I of a new video. Thanks for liking these, and for your patience with lil ole me! ;) 


4/15/12 - Let's Play Two!!!

In honor of the new baseball season starting, and it being a beautiful Spring day for many of us throughout the country, we bring you the last two videos of the current "Kitchen Fun" series. Call it a double-header! ;)

And remember, I am still looking for that right gal to feature. That right aspiring adult model that needs that one break. The break is here. All you need to do is contact us. 


3/25/12 - New Video Series Begins

You know the drill... same as the previous. And I know we all like variety! Meantime, happy spring 2012! 


3/13/12 - Part 4 is Up

Of the first of several new video series. Which means Part 3 is gone forever. These vids are hot, and the new series starts soon. It's nice to give everyone a little variety. And for those who asked, I still have a few DVD's left, and they are coming with a little bonus.


3/3/12 - New Photos

Just added to most recent gallery - never before seen by more than, IDK, 5 people? I think I'm over 12,000 photos on the site now. And I think 47 videos of me. BTW, part 4 (of 4) of the latest video chain posts soon, then goodbye #3 (which I think might be hotter than 4). So maybe join soon? BTW, what did you all think of the Oscars? Message me!


2/18/12 - Calling Aspiring Models!

I'm still looking for hot models to get their start right here at my site! It is a ridiculously amazing chance for aspiring adult models to get worldwide exposure, and possibly your own feature sites! Guys - pass this on to gals you know. Gals - contact us through the contact tab. If you want this, there will be few better chances to break in.


2/11/12 - Next Two Vids (omg)

The next two are off the charts. Things have been building toward this. #3 is live, but once #4 goes live, #3 is gone. It's a good time to join. Trust me. Not to mention there are still almost 12,000 Rita photos, and more than 45 Rita videos! Yeah, I guess I started talking/writing in third party tense! My high school English teacher would KILL me! :)


2/5/12 - Vid #2 - Go Giants!

In honor of the upcoming Giants win (big grin), Video 2 of the new vid is live. 1 is gone, and I'll be posting about a dozen rather quickly of my fave gal, but these are special. Really. These turn quite, um, well you decide the right word. And remember, Eli > Tom! <3


2/1/12 - Ridiculously Hot Vid(s) - Take Note!

Take a break from the pics and check out the first of about a dozen or so new vids of someone you know very well. This isn't even the hottest. They get hotter, but don't miss any. Because once the new one posts, the previous one goes away. Maybe time to get off the fence and join my site? ;) <3 Rita


1/28/12 - New Pics 

More from the latest, unreleased gallery is now live. And to add yet another Seinfeld reference... "They're real, and they're spectacular!" Sorry, I couldn't resist. Love that episode! ;) You decide!!!!!


1/20/12 - Seinfeld Gang Discusses Republicans 

The site where I wrote my first sex advice column (and still contribute) just posted an article where the Seinfeld gang discuss the current Republican Candidates. It's pretty funny. Check it out, especially if you are a Seinfeld fan!  Click > Sein-Crap


1/10/12 - New Gallery and New Display 

More "new year" changes - the new gallery just posted features an all new gallery layout that makes it easier to move between photos. The first of the new changes to my site this year. The next COULD include you, if you are an aspiring adult model that might want to appear on my site! Speak up and let the world see what you are all about! ;)


1/3/12 - Calling All Aspiring Adult Models 

It's a new year, and I want to help you be seen! This site gets amazing traffic, including modeling and entertainment insiders! Here is your chance to be seen, and to work DIRECTLY with me and my team! Reach out to us via the "Contact Us" tab and click "Interested Models." Maybe we will all see YOU on this site soon. 


1/1/12 - Halloween Gallery Live 

I figured New Years Day was the perfect day to debut my new Halloween gallery! Yeah, I like to think outside the box! ;) Also, a new preview is up for the next gallery. Hope you like, and hope you realize all your dreams in 2012! 


12/21/11 - Trick or Treat 

Okay, I'm having Halloween in December! Yeah, I wanted the new Halloween gallery to go live in October - but I think those that do love me appreciate that I am never conventional. And the new gallery delivers yet another side of me. The first preview is to the right. Boo! ;) 


12/14/11 - Video and More 

I am sorry it has taken so long to check in. I have been super busy, including super busy preparing new content for the site. It's taking longer than I thought and I feel awful about that. But it will be worth it. For now, I posted a video that was only seen for a limited time a while back. It is titled "Backside" so you can guess where it leads. I truly love you all, and in addition to new upcoming content, expect a few surprises as well. 


11/20/11 - Reminder... 

Hey everyone! I know it seems like there has been a little less updating of the site lately, but I have been concentrating more on quality than quantity, thinking my friends would prefer this. Also, I have been adding some past items to the member site, and they are not always advertised here. Fact is, there are over 50 videos and over 12,000 photos live on the site right now, more than ever before. And that is even after some older ones were removed. Regardless, there is more coming also, but I have a feeling there is a lot undiscovered for even the longest members. Come discover me!  <3 Rita


10/30/11 - Hot Hot Hot 

Just posted, a vid of me that has been called one of my hottest by a few, not to mention the backing music vibe. It has not been seen more than a very short posting a while back. I think you'll like. And stay warm my NY friends! Maybe this vid will help.


10/15/11 - More Videos Coming 

You guys and gals have been in video mode! Okay, more on the way. BTW, anyone going to the NYC Comic Con this weekend? I'm hearing it's pretty big this year, and sold out!


10/10/11 - New Featured Vid 

Hey everyone! The new featured video is one I haven't released to many people and not for some time. It is pretty sultry, however, and perfect to help not to forget summer! ;)


9/25/11 - Doubleheader Today! 

Slight change of plans brings about two new updates for members today! As promised, the rest of the Maliah Michel gallery, which is still getting some national buzz, and a ridiculously hot video of my fave gal. It is that hot!! It's a nice time to come aboard, as I am not able to keep all these things live indefinitely. Keep tweeting! Much <3, Rita


9/18/11 - Next Two 

The next two are the rest of the Maliah Michel gallery which is almost ready to post, then a new featured video of yours truly. BTW, are you all ready for late summer/early fall weather after a scorching summer?! It will feel soooo nice!


9/4/11 - Video 

The new featured video is one I haven't shown or released for some time. But as part of a Maliah sandwich, hah, I chose it because I always thought I looked good in, and out, of black. You decide!


8/25/11 - Maliah Michel Live 

This is the first time I have gotten national publicity for my photography! Several national publications have picked up the news of my photo and video shoot of the red-hot Maliah Michel (Drake's ex, and one of the most in-demand models around). Without further adieu, I bring you the first part of the shoot. Next is a Rita video, but first... heeeere's Maliah! ;)


8/13/11 - Exciting News!! 

I got to wear another hat - Film Director - for one of the hottest, sexiest gals out there right now, Maliah Michel! She was the star, I was the director! It was action-oriented, see preview at right! Full gallery of pics I took during shoot coming soon. Can you tell I'm a little excited about this? ;)


8/6/11 - Videos 

Okay, I'm in a video sorta mood again, while I prepare the latest photo galleries. First a gal with a toy, then a fave of mine with me doing my thing, then her climaxing, then me making things very hot. Got all that? You might be tested! Start with #1. <3, me


8/2/11 - Videos Coming

Thanks everyone for the tweets! And for the nice (and nasty - grin) comments about the last gallery. Videos are coming soon, just working on final edits. I can't believe it is August already! Well at least we didn't default, right? ;)


7/17/11 - It's Live

The new gallery, that is. Hope you like the, um, shoes! ;) Tweet me!


7/15/11 - New Previews

And a new gallery of yours truly within days. Check it out, then check in! And have a great July weekend everyone! <3 RG


7/3/11 - Video Break

Take a quick break from me and check out the video part 2 of "Bed Post" and my main gal - lots of you wanted more. More me soon! Enjoy the fireworks tonight! ;)


6/20/11 - Calling all Voyeurs

The final part of the "rooftop" gallery is live. Great for voyeurs - and a nice climax!  Luv, me


6/13/11 - Yeah Mavs!!!

In honor of the great victory by the Dallas Mavericks, I bring everyone a new full-size preview of the current rooftop gallery. To be followed by part 2 of the member gallery. Celebrate with us Texas folk!


6/4/11 - Rooftop Pt. 1 Live

So yeah, I am proud of my body and don't care where I shoot pictures - even on a rooftop and balcony in pretty plain view (if people happen to be looking). I've never been the shy type! ;) Check out part 1, it's live.


6/1/11 - Another Preview

Another free preview, so get off the fence and come inside! Membership has its privileges ;)  Luv, me


5/29/11 - New Previews

One on the right for everyone, and six new ones for members only. I think members will like what I have been up to lately - and we're just getting started because I've been a bit... quiet ;)


5/27/11 - It's Rita Time

I know it's taken a while but I needed to clear a few things. Now, it's Rita time again. Lots of new "me" is coming soon, like very soon. I'm flattered that I'm still in demand! ;) Lots happening, see some of it very soon! And everyone - have a magical holiday weekend! R


5/11/11 - Bed Post Video

Featuring my favorite model! Super high quality and super super hot. A little bonus, with more to come! <3, me


5/1/11 - Two For One

I just posted some pix of guest model Nyria, and by special demand more pics of Eden - all shot by yours truly. I am working on getting mine up too! BTW, for the few who asked, my DVD is still in stock but low stock. Comes with a little bonus, and not sure when it will be back in stock when these run out. Happy May 1st!


4/24/11 - Special Preview - Nyria

Nyria is my first Guest Model! A few previews of my shoot are here: NYRIA. Members will see the entire shoot (and we mean entire ;) soon!


4/23/11 - Guest Model!

I'm excited! I know you all like some variety... and there's lots more Rita coming... but I have a guest model! I'm working on some previews right now, along with a gallery. Stay tuned...


4/8/11 - Hot

I'm sorry everyone, I am still working through my newest photo galleries. Soon, I promise. Meantime, I just posted a video that my girl Eden did for Foxes.com. I trust that ALL members will excuse my gallery lateness when they see it, and you all will probably have to sign up to everything Eden. This one is the right promotion! ;)


3/26/11 - The Climax

By popular demand, I just posted a full Eden gallery I shot of her recently, she's calling it the "climax" on her site. I hope that works for everyone! ;) And... yes, I am preparing a brand SPANKING new gallery of yours truly as we do whatever we do!  Peace, RG


3/11/11 - Almost Spring

And in honor, the member site is currently featuring what many call my hottest video ever, the ultimate suntanning video, with the usual "flair" ;) Enjoy as you move the clocks forward this weekend!


2/27/11 - Naughty Maid Teaser

I just posted a nice sampling of some Naughty Maid pics I shot of Eden. I'll even post some of naughtier ones soon. Luv you all! <3 me 


2/6/11 - Super Bowl Special

Go Texans! Shoot, they didn't make it, did they? ;) Okay... good luck to your team if it is Green Bay or the Steelers. And to make your halftime more, um, enjoyable (if you're not a fan of the Black Eyed Peas) is a video I have spotlighted for Super Bowl Sundays before. Let's keep the tradition going. Enjoy the game... AND me! 


1/27/11 - More Morning After Pics

They are live, and should whet your appetite just enough for the climaxing finale ;) Actually, these have some interesting angles, interesting fruit, and interesting skin close-ups. Tweet me! 


1/23/11 - More Pics a Comin'

And they will be worth the wait. But I may not be able to keep them up that long. So be ready! And congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers. Should be a good game! 


1/13/11 - Mesh

There's lots more of me coming. But lots of you wanted some new Eden. And there is plenty of both of us to spread around! ;) Check these out, then check me out next. And ladies... we are still looking for our next model! To see more Eden... www.edenevans.com


1/5/11 - Taimak!

Hello everyone! Happy 2011! More "morning after" pics coming soon, and new vids. But today, check out this blog with pics of a photo session I did with Taimak, who you might remember as the star of Berry Gordy's "The Last Dragon" among many other things! :)  

See the Pics Here


12/25/10 - Morning After

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate! The first part of my new Morning After gallery is live. This one is shot from a slightly more candid perspective, and it gets very very close to me, and very close to my body. If you love me, you will love all parts of this one, including some very interesting angles. Have a wonderful holiday season whatever you may celebrate. I love each and every one of you!


12/22/10 - Look Right!

Look hard! ;) Yes, it's a new preview pic for one of several new galleries I am preparing to post. This pic is from a gallery I am calling "Morning After." And as the title might suggest, it is one of the sexiest photo-shoots I have done in some time. It's a big gallery - I'll release it in parts. Hope you like! <3


12/11/10 - Festivities

Hard to believe it is mid-December already. I think you all know how I feel about holidays, but it doesn't mean we can't all be festive! And being happy and healthy doesn't mean we can't get down and dirty ;) To start, I just posted some new pics I recently took of Eden. I think you will all agree she is looking mighty fine!

I still have some unopened DVD's, they make great stocking stuffers! And we are still looking for models. Luv, R


11/25/10 - Thanksgiving Video?

I promised everyone who wrote me that I would post a video on Thanksgiving. I did. Not sure why I chose this one, maybe you can tell me! But I don't think you will be disappointed ;) My love and thanks to everyone who has been a part of my life this past year, and that includes everyone reading this! <3 <3 <3 me 


11/14/10 - Eden Evans - Lollipop!

Hey everyone, I just posted a 35 picture set I shot of my girl Eden Evans. It's called "lollipop" and believe me it goes further than even what you might imagine with that title! ;) Eden is hot right now, lots of attention, and several high profile gigs!  Members - see what the buzz is all about. And gals... are you the next Eden? 


11/2/10 - Featured Video - POV

It's me, it's POV, and it's more than a home run. Call it a grand slam! ;) Happy Election Day!  


10/29/10 - Two Day Sale!!!!!!!!!

I've never done his before, but I am super proud of the galleries and vids I have shot of Eden Evans. You need to see more of her! So anyone who joins my site from now until the end of Sunday gets a free two-day pass to Eden's site as well. You need to see us both! ;)  


10/24/10 - Photography

I am loving spending as much time behind the camera as in front of it! I just shot a slew of new pics of my girl Eden Evans (preview at right - with the lemons!) and will be posting some for members soon. I'm also getting ready to shoot my newest girl, and... still lots more of me to go around!  peace - RG


10/11/10 - Oops, I did it Again!

The "it" being that I just posted ANOTHER video! What can I say, I try to listen and please ;) The other recent one is still live as well, so climb aboard. And remember to visit me on Facebook! See link a few mentions below.  R


10/1/10 - Otros?

October already! What are your plans for 10/10/10? I'm hearing some weird things people have planned! ;) Thanks to everyone for the video love! The vid causing the love (among other things - hehe) is still live! And I'll have another up soon. Come aboard! Besitos! <3 me


9/25/10 - "Home Run" Video

Okay guys and gals, some of you want more video... I just posted a "home run" video. For football fans, call it a "touchdown" video. Let's just say you will know me VERY well. If you are not a member, maybe it is time to get to know me! ;)


9/20/10 - Rita G Photography now on Facebook

I have always loved being behind the camera almost as much as being in front of it! Many pics of models on this site were taken by me. I now have a FB page for my photography business:

Rita G Photography FB


9/16/10 - DVD's BACK IN STOCK!

For those waiting... Brand new, upopened DVD's available again for a limited time. Because it has been a while, I lowered the price to $19.99 AND I am including a free bonus - a 4"x6" limited edition print of one of my most famous pics! Chosen by me! Go to the G Store, or click here!   RITA-G DVD


9/4/10 - Movie Time

The summer is not over! Disregard all the crap the major studios are putting out. Bad remakes, awful sequels... members need to check out my featured 5:40 video which says summer better than any movie in the theater! Trust me! It's ALL there! ;) Loop it like 8 times and you have a full movie. It turns ME on - nuff said! ;) Enjoy the vid, have a great rest of holiday weekend, much love <3   Rita


8/22/10 - New Additions

I have a ton of unreleased pics to post, but I've been slowed a bit getting them ready. I found some more pics from the "sail" gallery and posted them, might have a few more as well. Hope they do for now, I'm working to get the latest ones live too. Remember to check out the archives, almost 12,000 pics and videos, and a few of my fave models. I still need models for my network, just be willing to let it all rock and make it happen with me! It CAN seriously happen! Keep tweeting, Luv to all! R


8/8/10 - More Eden

I added a few more pics from the first Eden Evans gallery I shot. You will like them! More of me soon. I still need models! Hit us up!!! 


7/31/10 - Where are my Models?

We just posted a new set of pics that I personally shot on www.edenevans.com. Eden is my first and still only member of my new model network. Why the only one? Well, the next obvious model(s) just have not presented themselves to us yet! It might be you! Eden is about to take off! Contact us through the "contact" page, and I'll have more goodies soon. Much Luv! Rita 


7/17/10 - New Pics

These are truly my most recent pics. Which makes me think... I still have over 11,000 pics on the site, and like 45 videos... and I need to follow the "out with the old, in the with new" again soon. Like very soon. So this might be your last chance to see some of the oldies but VERY goodies! And they all come with a single membership. Don't say I didn't warn you! ;)  R 


7/11/10 - Viva Espana!

I'm surprised Spain never won the World Cup before. Anyway... new preview, thanks to all who have commented on the new pics! I <3 u! Now, where's my next model??? ;) 


7/3/10 - First New Gallery Live 

These are my newest pics. Hope you like, and hope you all have an explosive 4th of July! ;) 


6/26/10 - Sorry Soccer Fans... (New Previews) 

I tried to root really hard for USA, even posted the bikini video! But they gave it a nice run! So it's time for a new gallery. Previews are up. I'd describe it as classy, chic, stylish, sexy, and definitely a bit naughty. Full gallery soon. Come see?   <3<3 Rita


6/12/10 - World Cup Bonus!! 

So I was trying to figure out what bonus to give my members today in honor of the USA/England World Cup game. And I thought... an unreleased 7 min. video stripping out of a string bikini and getting even hotter than that might do the trick. You tell me, if you are a member that is! ;)


5/31/10 - More HOT Eden Evans 

As I slave over getting new RG galleries ready, I present to my amazing members a new, super hot and intimate gallery of my girl, Eden Evans. Enjoy! And girls, you could be next on my network! Stay cool everybody ;)  Rita


5/23/10 - Black Gallery Climax 

I think you will like how this gallery ends ;) Members can see it/me now. Remember my promise. I want the superfecta! Summer's coming... Tweet me!  rg


5/21/10 - This Weekend 

New content, then more new content next weekend. Have to kick off the summer right! If I get enough new members next week, we'll go for the trifecta, or for you racing fans, the superfecta! We'll see how much Rita you can handle! ;)


5/9/10 - New Rita Gallery 

Ask and ye shall receive. New sexy gallery just posted (Part 1). All Rita! ;) More soon. Luv, me


5/5/10 - New Previews on Cinco de Mayo! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Okay, for those playing along at home... we have new previews (for a killer new gallery), new video, and more new Eden Evans all coming soon. How soon? You tell me! ;) <3 Rita 


5/2/10 - New Vid Coming Soon 

Ask and you shall receive! Well, you did ask, lol. It's coming soon! Stay cool everyone ;) 


4/17/10 - New Gallery Part Deux 

New preview, new gallery. Keep Tweeting, lovers! New videos, galleries, and surprises coming soon. Oh, and since many of you have asked... more Eden! Still looking for the NEXT Eden. Is it you? 


4/4/10 - New Gallery Live 

Tweet me! And let me know what you think! I want details ;) I hope everyone is having a beautiful and loving holiday weekend!  Rita


4/1/10 - New Previews 

First gallery this weekend. But where is the next Rita G? <3 me


3/31/10 - The Next Rita G? 

Is it you? A girl you know? Now is the time! I am looking for new models to consider for my Rita G Model Network (RGMN). My first, Eden Evans, has already contracted several magazine shoots! Hit me up through the contact page!


3/30/10 - Two New Galleries Coming 

Just getting them ready. Previews soon! 


3/27/10 - Copper Video 

My copper video is live! It was shot at a pool overlooking Hollywood. It's hot, trust me! ;) And... you even get to hear my "Texas drawl"... for real! A lot of everything here! <3 rita 


3/21/10 - Happy Spring! 

I hope everyone is welcoming spring with exciting March Madness, and beautiful weather! I also hope you are showing some love for my new girl Eden. More Eden, and more Rita, coming soon!   g 


3/13/10 - Big News - Rita G. Model Network 

I have finally officially launched my own model network! While there is plenty more RITA coming, I am now working with new models that I discover, photograph, and help with their careers. I am finally presenting my first model, Eden Evans! We have a full gallery in the members section, and two previews to the right. Want more Eden? Go to her official site! www.edenevans.com


3/6/10 - New Gallery 

The first part of the new gallery is live. More of this "black lingerie" gallery coming soon. As is the first pictorial anywhere of my new model discovery! Including all pics taken by me! Lots happening, have a great weekend everybody! <3 me 


3/3/10 - Previews  

Finally! ;) The first two previews from my latest gallery are at the right. Hope you like! Gallery coming any day now. The more you tweet me, the faster I go! kisses! 


2/28/10 - Tweet Me!  

Are you following me on Twitter yet? Please follow me! http://twitter.com/therealritag. It's a great way to connect with me, keep up on things important to me, and I've been giving some hints about some new surprises coming to this site! 


2/20/10 - New Video  

I still have a bunch of unreleased galleries coming. Soon, I promise! And while we purge some older galleries and videos, new ones AND NEW BONUSES are coming in the next couple of weeks. Until then, here's a new video. I hope you like coral! If not, you will ;)  hugs, me


2/8/10 - Last Call!!!!!  

Lots of cool things coming soon - including a new "feature" (features?) I think everyone will like! But with so much new stuff coming, I decided it was time to purge (retire) some of the older pics and videos. It's time, since I have over 11,000 photos and 45 vids. I will start retiring some slowly in a few days. So this is LAST CALL to see EVERYTHING, lots of new ones coming soon! <3  And congrats to the Saints!!!


2/5/10 - Tiara Now...Rita Soon  

I posted a few more pics I just took of Tiara, because I think she is so hot! And from the feedback, I'm not alone! I'm also preparing a bunch of new pics of me, and I have a VERY special surprise coming in about a week or so. Intrigued? You better be! ;)


1/31/10 - HOTTT New Video!  

Actually, the first of many unreleased videos that I will be posting! I called it "pink" and you will see why... trust me, it is hot! ;) Also, tons of pics, NEWS, and more me AND hot gals! 2010 is gonna be huge!  G


1/26/10 - I Need an Intern!  

You know you want to work for me right? ;) I need someone with scary good graphics skills. Unpaid, but can be for college credits, or possible future project work. But imagine the experience working for ME! Priceless! (biggg smile). Reply here and make me pick you!


1/17/10 - Trailer  

Hey everyone! I hope you all like the new trailer! If so, leave comments! I've been busy photographing - I can't believe how much joy and satisfaction I get helping to bring out the best in people! I will be sharing lots of my work soon, so I hope you like it as well! Go Jets! ;)  kisses, me


1/3/10 - New Video  

Happy 2010! Did you make any resolutions? If you didn't, we all should. Meantime, I came across an unreleased video clip, and titled it "Lipstick" for members. Cherry ;) let's pop the cork to a great year! Luv, kisses, R


12/27/09 - Aspiring Models - Contact Us!  

You have already seen some of my photography... now it's time for you gals who have always wanted to be seen to contact us! Let's see if you fit any of our upcoming projects! Use the "Interested Models" link HERE.


12/20/09 - Tiara Gallery - By Rita G!  

I have really become serious about my passion of photographing, among other things, beautiful and sexy women. The 2010 "Shades of Color" calendar was only the beginning! Here's a set I took of amazing Tiara when she came by my hometown! Let me know what you think!  peace, me


12/6/09 - Last Part of Gallery Live  

My gallery with Tiara concludes with a grand finale! ;) Thanks for all the nice comments. Please keep them coming! As we approach the holidays, please think about all the things we can be thankful for. I do every day. And that includes all of you. Sincere kisses and hugs! <3 RG


11/27/09 - "Show Magazine" Gallery  

Hey everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving filled with love and happiness! Mine was nice as well :) I don't usually post my magazine pictorials but I am making an exception. The new gallery is the full spread from my recent pictorial in "Show Magazine." There is a preview to the right. I hope you like it!   much love, rita


11/12/09 - Hot Video to Warm Up!  

If you are like some of my friends tired of "Winter" already, even though it's NOT winter yet (lol), here's a video that might just warm you up, make you think of summer again, and maybe a few other things ;)     hearts.. RG


11/1/09 - COVER of London Magazine!  

I am excited and honored to be on the cover (with a full interview and even a video layout on their amazing high-tech website) of LONDON magazine "Juice." See the cover at the right in the preview photos.

Rita G. Cover of London's "Juice" 


10/31/09 - Live on PLAYBOY RADIO 11/4!  

Check me out Wednesday night @ 7PM Pacific Time! See link for how to access the Playboy Sirius station!

Rita G. Live on Playboy Radio 11/4 


10/30/09 - Playboy's "Big Boobs and Hot Buns" w/Rita G!!!  

Hey everyone, I'm featured in the new and current Playboy Special Edition magazine "Big Boobs and Hot Buns." Check it out at the link below!

Rita G. in NEW Playboy Mag


10/24/09 - More Pics w/Tiara  

She's HOT guys (and gals!). This is the 2nd of three sets. More soon, and a new video. Oh, BTW, the unsigned broken case whatever DVD's are sold out, but still a few of the broken case/scuffed whatever signed ones remain at discounted prices :)     Peace.. RG


10/17/09 - REMINDER - New 2010 Calendar  

I photographed this 2010 calendar so please show me and my art some love! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love photographing beautiful women. I hope to hear from more prospective models as well! R



10/10/09 - New Video  

Lots more pics coming with Tiara, but I just posted a sexy new video. It's sexy, trust me - I just watched it! ;) And anytime I turn myself on, I think that's a fair gauge! Kisses... Rita


9/26/09 - New Pics are Live  

Tiara is hot! I have photographed her myself ;) And I kinda like the way I look in this gallery as well... hope you do! Tweet me! <3 G


9/22/09 - New Previews  

Two new previews from the upcoming gallery. I love B&W shots, and there are some in this gallery. The gal with me in a lot of this shoot is Tiara. Her website is www.tiara4ever.com  We make some nice music together and compliment each other well ;)


9/20/09 - They are Coming  

Grrrr. Sometimes I hate myself for taking too much on. I am getting the new pics ready RIGHT NOW. I hope to have some previews later, and will get then live soon. They will be worth it, and more videos are coming too. And thanks to everyone for the continued nice words! And for hanging with me, I am just a workaholic! ;)  Love you all!!! R


9/8/09 - A New/Old Video  

I hoped to have the new gallery live over the weekend, but I will soon. I promise. And it will be worth the wait. Until then, I posted a new video. Actually a few years old, but I think you will like! Check out the one "money shot" in particular and see if you guess the shot!  <3 the "G" Force


9/1/09 - New 2010 Calendar  

Hey everyone! I photographed a new 2010 calendar so check it out! You should know I only photograph the best! Also, new videos, and a new gallery coming soon! If you love me, click and order so I can be on your wall! ;)  R



8/22/09 - New Video  

As promised... it's actually the second part of a video I have had on the site for some time, but it MUCH steamier, sweatier, and hotter! ;) It's the perfect vid for the hot humid weather much of the country has been having the last week.   ... luv your G 


8/21/09 - Videos  

Hey Lovers! I'll be releasing a bunch of videos starting this weekend. A few never before posted, and a few that have been in the vault for a long time! I keep getting more requests these days for video so I am trying, along with shooting some very new candid ones as well! Expect one posted tomorrow! Thanks for the continued love... Back soon!   Peace.. me 


8/3/09 - Discounted DVD's Available Now  

A lot of people have e-mailed looking for DVD's. Well, they have been unavailable, but I came across a short supply of opened and case-damaged DVD's that I am now making available for the first time at discounted prices! There are two different prices - for those signed, and those not signed. And there aren't that many of either! So if you truly want my 90 minute DVD, this could be the last chance and at the cheapest prices ever! <3 R

Discounted DVD's 


7/26/09 - DVD and Gallery Updates  

Sorry, my schedule has been crazy the last few weeks between travel to the east coast, west coast, and all over Texas! I'll have and approve some new pics soon. 

And while waiting for new pics, I wanted to mention that my webmaster has cleaned up some of the existing galleries, and we now have about 11,000 intimate pics on the site and more than 40 videos. So while you are waiting for me, your homework assignment is to check out every one of them because there are some you have never seen, and some you have forgotten! ;) And keep tweeting, you tubing, and my spacing me! I read them all!!!  RG


7/16/09 - Candid Video Live  

With kitty! New pics coming soon too! me


7/15/09 - Tomorrow!  

I went two extra days. I'm such a softy! ;) I can't help it, I want this video seen. I'll be taking it down tomorrow, and putting up my candid one previewed to the right. Get 'em both!   The "G"


7/11/09 - Last Two Days for Video! New One Coming...  

I left this one up a little longer because I keep watching it myself! haha. But I can only keep it two more days so don't wait another year. It's worth it. And, you can a preview shot of a new homemade video! I have been getting a lot of requests for more personal things like personal videos, and this one fits the bill! I was caught just out of the shower playing with my little kitty! ;) It will be live soon. Love you all! Please keep writing, myspacing, and tweeting with me!   Rita


6/27/09 - The Yearly Rita G. Ritual  

For those of you who have followed me the last couple of years, I have been posting a video of me sunbathing, lotioning, and doing some other nasty things poolside once a year around this time. For copyright reasons I have to post it sparingly. But it's back. For a short time. I just watched it for like the hundredth time, and I swear it turns ME on every time I watch it! ;) If you really wanna see me in all my tan, glowing, intimate, and naughty... this is the time to come aboard!         RG


6/20/09 - More Action Pics Live 

Okay, the second gallery is live. Sorry I am late. I have been super busy on some projects, and also getting my new site ready to launch. Call it my "sister" site! This one is not going away! But there is another side to me and I can't wait for everyone to join me on that other side! If all goes well, it should launch in a couple of days. Love you all!   Your G


6/3/09 - First Action Pics Live 

The first of two galleries. See me kick ass... and show some ass! ;)   <3 me


5/30/09 - Your Action Hero 

Yes, I am a bad-ass! hahaha. Check out the previews! I know members have seen the video, and it is still available if you haven't seen it yet. It's like 8 minutes long and very action packed! ;) But the stills are really cool, and I'll be going live with the first gallery of photos any minute. Lots of cool fantasies there, and believe me, I was thinking of many as I did my thing. ;) Check back very soon for the new gallery.  G


5/25/09 - New Pics, and a Few Words

I hope everyone is having an amazing Memorial Day weekend! I just added the last of the "dark" gallery, hope you like the mystery ;) I'm sorry about the filtering issues last weekend. It really pissed me off, and it takes a lot to piss me off (haha). I'll have previews of the Action Girls gallery this week, then that very cool gallery. More news very soon. Love you all!  <3 me 


5/21/09 - Site Issues Resolved

Webmaster's Note:  Any filters that were attempting to block access to this site last Sunday have not been an issue since early Monday. We apologize if you experienced any delays reaching the site at that time. 


5/16/09 - New Gallery

Okay, the new gallery is up, and there will be an additional gallery from the same shoot coming soon. When you view it, you will see where it is going! We are also working on getting the special Action Girls photos online. Soon. And the Action Girls 8-minute video is still on the Member site, so come on in! Hey, who's rooting for the filly in the Preakness? :)   hearts, rita g 


5/12/09 - Busy Busy Busy

I have been busy! I have several galleries ready to post, new videos, and a entire new Rita G Movement about to happen! Please bear with me a few more days. Some of the new pics are sick! And if anyone has been following me on Twitter, you sort of know what is about to happen as far as my brand! Thanks for hanging with me. So much coming up!   Your "G" 


4/24/09 - New Pics Live

Sorry they're late! A slight mix-up and not all the pics are posted yet. But about half are, and the other half are coming soon! I promise! Luv, me 


4/18/09 - Sneak Peek

Just a quick sneak peek preview of a new gallery. I haven't really showcased these "best natural breasts" in a while ;) And since Howard Stern was so kind to name them just that, it's about time I devote some space to them again! Lots of cool things on the horizon, make sure you come along!   Peace... me <3 


4/11/09 - Follow Me!

Thanks everyone for the feedback on the Action Video! ;) Lots more cool things coming soon. Hear about some of them, along with my (seemingly) hourly thoughts on my new Twitter page! Link below. Follow me! :)



3/29/09 - 8+ Minute Action Video is LIVE!!!

The previews do not do it justice. If you truly love me, this is a MUST SEE! Set to the music of TI and Rihanna, you will see some of the wildest me ever... Who needs the Watchmen, see a REAL action hero for today, ME! Oh, yeah, every part of my body is used as a weapon, and there are plenty of other weapons too. I can't say enough to make you believe me, so come aboard now and see what I have been up to... and maybe it will help me to see what you are up to too ;)  "G" Love


3/25/09 - Coming This Weekend!

My 8 minute "Action Girls" video! For members only! Rita G as a super hero of sorts! Wait til you see my uniform, and my moves! ;) Worth the price of admission alone!  Luv , R


3/18/09 - Rita's TWEETING!!!

Come visit me on Twitter!



3/15/09 - Last of the New Gallery Live

The final set of pics from the new gallery are live. Hope you like! ;)  peace... me <3


3/11/09 - Webmaster's Note 

There are very few DVD's left! Rita is not sure yet whether to reorder more, repackage them... or to retire it altogether. But if you were going to order one, you might want to now. Sure to be a collector's item very soon! 


3/1/09 - New Pictures Posted! 

Lots of "Rita" and lots of my assets ;) Lots more coming soon, and the DVD is almost sold out again so do order soon. And thank you to everyone for voting "Flashing Lights" in the Playboy sexiest video poll below! I've tripled my percentage since asking for your help, maybe I can still win??    G



2/20/09 - Good News, Bad News... Vote for Me!

The good news is the music video I was featured in, Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" was named one of the 5 sexiest videos of 2008 by Playboy Magazine! But in the online voting, I'm 5th right now! Maybe if all my friends vote for me, I'll move up. Would you help li'l ole' me? ;)



2/15/09 - Coming Soon to ActionGirls.com!

That's right, your G is about to be a super hero on ActionGirls.com! Complete with pictorials and a mini-movie! A small preview is to the right, but members can now check out the full preview, complete with bare breasts, bare ass, guns, combat, monster trucks... you know, the usual - that is if you like me in those things? ;)


2/10/09 - My 90-Minute DVD is Available Again!

I love you all so much! I have gotten a lot of requests for my DVD. I took it off the market a while ago, because I am working on a new one, but I decided to make a limited number available again. So see the link above! I'm really not sure how long they will last, I'm only making a relatively small number available again, so do order now if you really want it ;)   Your "G"


2/7/09 - New Gallery Live

Sorry, I wanted this live for Super Bowl Sunday, but it was a great game, so maybe I figured everyone needed something to do the week after to get their minds off of football! ;) I hope you like... lots more coming soon!  <3 R


1/25/09 - A Few New Pics

While sorting through new galleries and videos, I found a handful more pics from the current shoot. Only a few, but prime. ;) Check 'em out. More soon...


1/21/09 - Vote for My Friend Again!

Hey everyone, one of my really good friends is again trying to win a contest on Trashy Girls.com, and she needs our help! Please be a friend, and vote for her! I really want her to win! ;)   R



1/16/09 - The 2009 Calendar!

Geez, I was sure I posted this already but if not, I'm sorry! The last month or so has been crazy! A good crazy, but crazy! Anyway, all the photographs for this calendar were shot by me! Shooting beautiful women and posing them, making them shine for the camera... this is one of my biggest passions, but I think everyone knows that already! ;) Order one today - it's 16 months! It's a very personal product to me...   Peace and luv!


1/15/09 - I'm Still Here! ;)

How has 2009 started out for everyone? It is looking very good for me! Sorry I haven't been around, just very busy getting ready for sort of a transformation! :) It's all good - I've got new pictures, videos, appearances, and some cool interactive things with my site friends all coming very soon! I'm real excited, and I hope you all will be too! Please 'bare' with me - hehe - and I'll have some killer new stuff up soon. And keep watching... Luv, R


1/1/09 - Happy 2009! And New Gallery...

2009 is going to be a great year... I can just feel it. I posted a new gallery to get it started right. Did anyone do anything crazy for New Years Eve? If so, remember to post it or send it to me at my MySpace page! Who knows... it might just get mentioned somewhere!   Besitos, RG

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